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End to End IT Infrastructure Designing & Implementation

At DATABANK COMPUTER, we have earned a reputation for building cost-effective local and wide area network (LAN / WAN) solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our Microsoft and Cisco-certified technical consultants are expertly qualified to design, build and re-configure business-grade networks.

From data cabling and PC setup to configuring servers and routers, we provide the best end-to-end networking know-how. And we don’t just install hardware and software, we carefully integrate the components so they are completely cohesive.

Here are just a few of the networking services we offer:

  • Hardware installation
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Ethernet cabling
  • Switch and router setup
  • Wireless solutions
  • Server and virtual server installation
  • Racks
  • And lots more!

The key deliverables:

Requirements Gathering Workshop
DATABANK COMPUTER and Customer jointly conduct requirement gathering workshop(s) to capture Customer’s detailed requirements including specific business requirements, future growth requirements and technical requirements.

Network Assessment and Auditing
DATABANK COMPUTER collects detailed information on the Customer’s existing network including network architecture details and a physical audit of Customer’s network assets. The results are a detailed assessment on how the planned network service or change impacts the customer’s existing network infrastructure, which will serve as the foundation for the new architecture design and implementation.

High Level Design
DATABANK COMPUTER generates a high level design based on the Customer requirements and network assessment results. Depending on the technologies involved, a typical high level design may include the following:

  • Stated business goals and agreed technical and functional requirements.
  • Layout of the proposed physical and logical network topology.
  • Protocols and equipment functionality that may be required.
  • Class of service (CoS), and Quality of Service (QoS) functionality.
  • Description of the devices and connectivity for customer sites.
  • Further DATABANK COMPUTER findings and recommendations, if applicable.

DATABANK COMPUTER will conduct meetings with key customer stakeholders to review the findings and recommendations for final agreement on the high level design and next steps.

Future Network Enhancement Planning
DATABANK COMPUTER consultants can provide the Customer with detailed information on

  • Network service features desired to meet the customer business requirements.
  • Guidelines on how these features may fit the Customer’s network - based on known best practices.
  • Assisting the Customer with future network planning.

At DATABANK COMPUTER, we pride ourselves on the partnership relationships we develop with our clients. Our people, equipped with the right tools and processes, set us apart from other technology providers.

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